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Having a hard-to-manage debt is stressful and unhealthy, and we want to help you get out of it. With many credit card debts, you may be paying $1000s in interest and fees beyond your debt. It's very expensive for you and very lucrative for the credit companies. They win, we lose.

   I had the opportunity to have American Debt Enders advise me on options that would help me with my mounting debt. I found the agent to be an active listener, professional and patient. The service he outlined for me served me well. I found myself relieved to be eventually rid of debt in a few years.

Delphine Scott

   This service works hard to provide you with a personal debt management and settlement plan, in addition to free credit counseling and credit restoration. American Debt Enders' customer support and professional debt consultants are knowledgeable and work hard to find the perfect debt solution based on your situation.

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  Very helpful, courteous! Learned a lot by talking with them!

Jeff S., on Yelp

Stop stressing, start winning.

We have the tools,some of which you may just not be aware of, to win the battle of debt. We can put THOUSANDS of dollars back into your life.

The Wealth Zone, in partnership with American Debt Enders (specialists in Debt Settlement, Consolidation, Credit Repair, Bankruptcy and more) , is eager to offer you a FREE consultation. We will guide you and can enroll you in the right solution.

In order to qualify for debt settlement or consolidation, your debt must be:

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Credit Repair and Negotiation

Credit problems are solvable, and quickly. Talk to us for free and learn just how fast you can repair damaged credit and remove erroneous and damaging items from your report

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